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Dance Station Radio

          Welcome to!           

   “Dance Station Radio” - is the only Internet radio in Latvia, where only the best electronic music sounds! On this site you will find all the necessary information about the radio and its operation.

DSRadio Studio

  About radio

“Dance Station Radio” was founded in 2022 on April 14th to delight the residents of Latvia with the best electronic music, in styles such as Breakbeat, Drum'n'Bass, Tech House, Funky House and Trance. The music database is regularly updated with both new releases and hits from past years. Therefore, a variety of music is always heard on air and everyone can hear something new for themselves.


Dance Station Radio News

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About music styles


Breakbeat (breakbeat - “broken rhythm”) is a term that unites a class of electronic music genres based on a drum part with a broken rhythm, or these drum parts themselves. “Brokenness” of the rhythm is achieved by shifting the strong beats of the beat to weak ones (syncopation) or by simultaneously combining two or more independent rhythms (polyrhythm). Breakbeat can have either a regular structure, that is, with the constant use of the same rhythmic pattern (break), or an irregular structure, with a combination of different rhythmic patterns.

Drum & Bass

Drum and bass originally emerged as an offshoot of the British breakbeat and jungle scene, when musicians began mixing the bass of ragga with the uptempo breakbeat of hip-hop. Some people believe that there is no significant difference between the terms "drum and bass" and "jungle". Some call old records of the first half of the 90s jungle, and drum and bass consider significantly evolved jungle with new post-text elements. Others, for short, use the term "jungle" to refer to ragga jungle, a distinctive subgenre of jungle music.

Tech House

Tech house is a stylistic trend in electronic dance music that appeared under the influence of techno and minimal techno on house music. Tech house was the earliest popularization of the "minimal" movement, which was opposed to the European "rave" movement in the 1990s. As a result, the style is emphasized by a slower tempo, a relatively muted kick drum, and a simple, minimal drum set. In clubs, such compositions were usually played in the background, in contrast to the more danceable styles of progressive house and pump house.

Funky House

Funky house is a subgenre of house music that uses disco and funk samples, a funk bass line or a strong soul influence combined with drum breaks inspired by funk records of the 1970s and 1980s. The use of disco strings is also common in this genre, although not always. Funky house uses specific techniques and a distinct sound characterized by basslines, swooshes, swirls, and other synthesized sounds that give the music an upbeat tempo of about 128 beats per minute.


Trance is a style of electronic dance music that emerged in the 1990s. The style got its name because of the repetitive musical phrases, progressions, sequences and ostinatos that can put the listener into a state of trance. Characteristics: hymns, repeated musical phrases, arpeggios, minor scales, attention to timbres and harmonic parts, tempo usually from 135 to 150 beats per minute. Now the concept of “trance” in music is mainly used as a collective term for many of its sub-styles: goa-trance, progressive trance, psychedelic trance, uplifting trance, eurotrance and others.

Trance can be performed at dance events both outdoors and at various indoor venues. Trance is a very versatile and varied style of music. It can also be performed on acoustic (not electronic) instruments. Trance is also a subculture, part of the electronic dance music subculture.

DSRadio studio

About me

Dj Breakart

Hi all! My name is Artyom (Dj Breakart). I am the owner and dj on 
​I always liked listening to good music and sharing it with others. This is how the idea of making an Internet radio came about. He worked as a DJ in various clubs in Riga, and as a sound engineer in karaoke clubs. I am interested in photography, scratching and writing music.


   My other projects

My author's channel on Youtube, where I post my tracks and mixes.



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